Registration and patenting of intellectual property rights

What we do:

  • compile all the necessary documents for national and international trademark registration (mark for goods and services);
  • optimize the type of trademark in the most advantageous option for the Client, in order to save money on administrative fees and minimize the risk of denial of registration (if necessary);
  • determine the classes of the ICCP (International Classification of Goods and Services), which is required for trademark registration;
  • analyze the risks of denial of trademark registration and provide recommendations for their elimination;
  • receive a certificate;
  • we will appeal against the refusal to register a trademark in Ukraine;
  • we provide advice on trademark registration both in Ukraine and abroad.

Intellectual property audit

One of the tools for successful business development of business entities is their use of intellectual property. As intangible assets, these objects are able to form a powerful "patent portfolio" of rights to inventions, utility models, industrial designs, marks for goods and services, copyright objects, etc.

To form a "patent portfolio" of a single business entity, highly qualified specialists of Nova International Corporation LLC conduct an audit of intellectual property.


Contribution to the statutory fund

Mandatory capital is mandatory for all companies, but the requirements for its minimum size in the current legislation are provided only for joint stock companies. Thus, according to Part 1 of Art. 14 of the Law on JSC, the total nominal value of the issued shares is the authorized capital of the JSC, which may not be less than the amount equivalent to 1250 minimum wages, based on the minimum wage rate in force at the time of the JSC.

What can be contributed to the authorized capital?

As a general rule, the contribution to the authorized capital may be cash, securities, other things or property and other alienable rights that have a monetary value (Part 2 of Article 115 of the CCU, Part 1 of Article 86 of the CCU). In general, the list of possible contributions to the authorized capital of the company can be as follows:

  • cash - both in national and foreign currency;
  • securities (stocks, bonds, savings and investment certificates, etc.);
  • movable property, ie property that can be moved freely without the threat of losing its functional purpose; it can be both individually identified property - vehicles, equipment, computers, etc., and property defined by generic features - raw materials, various goods measured in kilograms, etc .;
  • real estate (buildings, structures, houses, apartments, land plots, other objects, the movement of which is impossible without their depreciation and change of their purpose) *;
  • property rights, in particular the right to use property, including land plots; property rights to intellectual property (literary and other works of art, computer programs, databases, inventions, utility models, trademarks); share in the authorized capital, etc.

EEN Partnership

The Enterprise Europe Network can help your business find the right international partners to grow and expand abroad.

The Network has the reach and expertise to find the right partner(s) for you to, for example:

  • manufacture or distribute your products;
  • access new markets;
  • find the technology you need to drive innovation in your business;
  • cooperate in research and development projects.